LNG Industrial Cleaners and Metal Finishing Chemicals

There are many types of chemicals needed to keep operations moving in the LNG Industry. From keeping the tubulars in the drilling fields operational and in perfect shape for optimal drilling to general cleaning and industrial maintenance of the facility in the LNG refining process.  Many times there is a need for special formulated chemicals with compounds put together for specific needs. When an LNG company has these needs they may find it useful to contact a company like Working Solutions Inc., a formulator chemicals with specialized purposes for cleaning of all types of industrial needs as well as metal finishing. 

Very effective cleaners, phosphates, and water displacing rust preventatives are:

Jay Davis of Working Solutions Inc. founded the company in July of '91 in Houston, Texas as a chemical engineer from the one and only Texas A&M. Jay is also a registered environmental manager. The combined experience at Working Solutions Inc. is made up of production of formulated products, metal cleaning and finishing equipment and environmental consulting, as well as technical sales experience. In Short, Working Solutions Inc. has what it takes to help companies globally run more efficiently and be cleaner doing it as well as save money with their specially formulated chemical products.

You can reach Working Solutions to see how they can help you at 713.862.3868 or by going to their website at www.WorkingSolutions.net


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