Floating Liquefied Natural Gas, or FLNG Project is the newest key to producing unreachable energy resources (LNG) deep in the ocean offshore. FLNG will become the most innovative, revolutionizing way to develop natural gas resources. 

Folks from all over the world such as engineers and other key positioned people have designed the biggest offshore facility that will make once unattainable development of natural gas fields a possibility. One company has mastered the process chilling gas turning it into a liquid, shrinking its volume 1/600th of natural gas in the gaseous state or 600 time less volume. This process enables it to be transported to distant locations that need energy.

By using FLNG vessels it reduces the environmental footprint of building and running the LNG processing facilities on land. 

The Prelude gas fields off the NW coast of Australia will be the first site to use the FLNG. The leader of this operation will be the LNG legend and experts of the industry, Shell.

Shell is the brain child of this process. Some say the way natural gas is produced will be changed forever. The facility at the Prelude gas fields will produce a minimum of 5,300,000 mtpa of liquids. That's a lot of gas. It's enough natural gas to sustain the usage  of natural gas by Hong Kong for a year.

LNG Powered

LNG Powered