Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication for LNG

Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing for the LNG Industry

If you are looking for a company that can manufacture what you need for your LNG or Oil and Gas company then look no further than Myrmidon Corp. a Houston based Manufacturing company that can handle any job large or small in a timely manner on budget and to tight tolerance. Myrmidon's quality is second to none in the industry serving the oil and gas as well as the LNG sectors in a way that have customers coming back every time. Even if you have ideas that have never been done before, Myrmidon is up for the Challenge. At Myrmidon Corp they specialize in heavy metal fabrication, light metal fabrication, structural manufacturing, aluminum, stainless, along with custom manufacturing to meet your LNG metal manufacturing and fabrication needs. Check them out at www.MyrmCorp.com


LNG Powered

LNG Powered